In sculpture, I have found a means of understanding and relating to my environment and the world around me. The process of making and building, for me, is learning at its most tangible. There is an unshakable directness inherent in manifesting physically something as a personal response. Whether through sculpture, architecture, installation or object, the skill of divining ones creative voice to lead them in the making process is imperative.

Neurologists have determined that the pre-cognitive brain holds the seat of our most primal impressions of the world. Goodwill, safety, fear, anxiety, self protection, gravity, sexuality and compulsive behaviors find their basic roots in this lower cerebral core.

My sculptures aim to tap into this non verbal memory, evoking the viewers involvement often before they are conscious of it. These pieces strive to vignette and make fresh the act of experiencing an object or environment.

I choose to use a rich combination of eclectic materials as a springboard to convey my ideas. This serves to challenge the viewer into re-examining the sculptures in terms of their prior understanding of those materials. My material choices are idea- or concept- driven. As I reflect on my artistic process, I have come to realize that my interest lies less in the object and more in the experience. All of the work and toil of creating sculptures and installations are to deliver the viewer to the pre-cognitive moment of understanding I had with the idea. It is my hope that my work brings the viewer into concert with their own pre-cognitive experiences.

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